Second training seminar under Component 3 - Criminal and penitentiary law: "International Conventions on Penitentiary Law".

Tuesday, February 11, 2014 to Thursday, February 13, 2014

The title of this seminar is “International Conventions on Penitentiary Law”. In particular, this session is focused on the importance of International Conventions on Penitentiary law in order to reinforce the Rule of Law and international cooperation in this field. In this respect, the different subtopics will enable us to carry out an in-depth analysis of several relevant aspects which are directly linked to the importance of international conventions in this field and the advisability of ratifying them. We are going to share the international experts’ opinion and the participants’ approach on these topics from their own perspective, experience and respective competences. Through an in-depth and detailed discussion, we will know the current situation related to the topics under discussion, which are among others those mentioned in the agenda, all of them being main subtopics to be discussed.

Thanks to this seminar, we will get to know the different features prevailing in the region and we will learn from each other through the different experiences and views of the participants. 

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