Second meeting of the WG on Justice and the Use of New Technologies (WG 1.2.2)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012 to Thursday, November 29, 2012

This meeting takes place under the second Working Group (WG 1.2) of the first main component of the project: Access to Justice and Legal Aid, and is focused on Justice and the New Technologies. The objective of this activity will be to prepare a handbook describing approaches and best practices with regards to the use of technologies for the case management, circulation of materials, data collection in the legal field and communication of case law to the public. This is the second of 3 meetings devoted to this issue. 

During this second meeting we will continue the work started on the occasion of the first meeting and will have a new opportunity of sharing the international experts’ opinion and the participants’ approach on the main topics to be discussed from their own perspective and respective competences. Through an in-depth and detailed discussion, we will have a profound exchange on the main topics that will be tackled during this second meeting: case management, circulation of materials and the use of new technologies.

In addition we will start the discussion on the third main topic to be addressed: communication of case law to the public.


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