Launch meeting for the Research Report 1.1 (Access to Justice and Legal Aid), Paris, 20 April 2012

Friday, April 20, 2012

The objective of this activity is the preparation of a Research Report. The research report to be delivered under thematic component 1 shall contain a comparative review of national experiences of procedural simplification in the ENPI South partner countries.

This report will:

a) Provide a detailed analysis of the situation in each of the Beneficiary Countries related to the key issues within the researched fields.

b) Based on reform trends/experiences among the EU MS and/or the ENPI South partner countries, propose possible actions and/or approaches, which could be helpful to improve or accelerate progress in the Beneficiary Countries. 

c) The Research Report will thus be of paramount importance to obtain a real and in-depth knowledge of the legal systems and enable in-depth discussions on the key issues within the researched fields.

The launch meeting will be a plenary session. It would be necessary that the participants who take part in this meeting, and are involved in this activity, will be in charge of answering the questionnaire or helping in doing so on place. 

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