Research Report 1: Procedural simplification in the ENPI South partner countries. Validation Meeting.

Monday, February 11, 2013

The objective of this activity is the preparation of a Research Report. The Research Report to be delivered under thematic component 1 shall contain a comparative review of national experiences of procedural simplification in the ENPI South partner countries. More specifically, the report shall focus on the ENPI South partner countries’ procedural systems in areas such as enforcement orders for uncontested claims, payment orders and small claims procedures.


The validation meeting will be a plenary session. Given the high-level profile of the participants, the representatives of the ENPI South partner countries should have an active role during the discussions. It would be advisable that the participants who take part in this meeting, and are involved in this activity, are the same persons who answered the questionnaire or helped in doing so in their country.

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